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Etherdieum is - an astute ecosystem consisting of Cryptocurrency, Payment Gateway, Crypto Exchange and Video Telephony Application to name a few. Leveraging groundbreaking advancements in the cryptosphere, Etherdieum empowers users to experience the ingenuity offered by blockchain in its most effective form yet. Flaunting stellar reliability and stunning convenience as its USP, Etherdieum’s composite ecosystem is devised to revolutionize the fintech space in its entirety.

The Etherdieum Coin following the ERC-20 token standard has been mapped to the Matic network and is named the child Etherdieum coin. The same Etherdieum coin mapped in the Ethereum network is called the parent Etherdiuem coin. Anytime community members can switch and choose between the two coins.

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The Most Reliable ICO Is Here

Unlike other networks, Etherdieum isn’t restricted to a single functionality - it extends all the way from crypto transfer to video-calling. With the stunning interoperability of the ERC 20 based Etherdieum coin, its utility transcends use-cases and astonishingly future-proof. Moreover, the presence of a dual remunerative investment plan further imposes its fidelity.

Infused with a stellar array of features, the Etherdieum ecosystem is here to stay. So why wait? Dab into the registration field to book your berths in the ICO event straight away!

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Etherdieum Makes Everything Related To Blockchain Seamless

Cutting- Edge Features

Harnessing the best of what the Ethereum blockchain has to offer, Etherdieum’s ecosystem propels up with a slew of irresistible features that’s more than the best of what the industry typically offers. Take a peek!

Lowest Cost

The embedded cryptocurrency exchange expedites trading of digital assets at the most affordable transaction cost one could expect. Fast as a fighter jet!

Smart Contracts

Eliminating the nagging presence of intermediaries, every single transaction is actuated and dictated by the ingeniously coded smart contracts in an automated fashion.


The brilliant staking of smart contracts and similar security integrations suffuse the ecosystem with relentless immutability and unwavering transaction transparency.


Token Sale

25 Aug 2021

Token Supply: 2M

20 Days

25 Aug 2021

Token Supply: 0.4M

Token Value: $1

20 Days

14 Sep 2021

Token Supply: 0.6M

Token Value: $1.25

20 Days

04 Oct 2021

Token Supply: 0.5M

Token Value: $1.50

Exchange ListingExchange Listing

24 Oct 2021

Token Supply: 1M

Token Value: $2 to $4

  • ICO Starts:

  • ICO End:

  • Token Price

  • Soft cap

  • Hard cap

  • Total Tokens

  • Technology


Referral Bonus

For every single referral of your friends/ family/ acquaintances into the Etherdieum ecosystem, a referral bonus of 5% is bestowed to the user.

Bulk Buying Bonus

Etherdieum is a business-grade, blockchain-based utility ecosystem with multiple functionalities. To assert our commitment to the aforementioned statement, we provide the following bonuses to investors buying the Etherdieum coin in bulk.

10000 to 100000
Token Buyers

Extra 10% Tokens

100000 to 200000
Token Buyers

Extra 20% Tokens

Above 200000
Token Buyers

Extra 30% Tokens

Staking Etherdieum

VIP Staking


APR - 100%

Locking in Period - 450 Days

Premium Staking


APR - 75%

Locking in Period - 300 Days

Basic Staking


APR - 50%

Locking in Period - 150 Days

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Token Value

Token Details

Token Distribution

  • Token Sale (Private & Public)

  • Rewards

  • Founder Team

  • 5%

    Marketing & Advisory

  • 5%

    Reserved for Development

Fund Utilization

  • Platform & Core Product Development

  • Marketing & Business Development

  • Operations

  • 10%

    Exchange Listing

  • 10%


  • 5%


Etherdieum Roadmap

Witness the crisp progression of the monumental Etherdieum project, all the way from its ideation stage to the instance of listing the proprietary Etherdieum coin in other exchanges.

Aug, 2021

ICO Launch

Development of the Etherdieum platform and launching the Initial Coin Offering phase.

Sep, 2021

MLM Launch

Unfurling the registration of the X2 and X4 matrix MLM schemes of the Etherdieum project.

Oct, 2021

Coin Listing Process

The signature Etherdieum coin is listed on other premium cryptocurrency exchanges.

Oct, 2021

Productline Launch

The Etherdieum P2P exchange, Crypto Payment Gateway, and the Video-Telephony App is launched as a part of the Etherdieum’s ecosystem.


Supported by

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • XRP
  • USDT

Our Team

Meet the People that are bringing Etherdieum to the World

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Shameer Ali

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Super Brian

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Blockchain Advisor & PR
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Jim Su

Marketing Leader
member img

Lisa Tsai


Frequently Asked Questions

Resolved answers for some of the most common enquiries we stumble across - be it about Etherdieum, ICO or even blockchain technology!

The pre-ICO sale is scheduled to go live on the 25th August, giving access to 2,000,000 tokens.

Etherdieum’s coin is highly transparent with regular interest and appreciation in value. The coin facilitates accessible and quick cross border transfers and levies low transaction fees.

Yes! Participants who buy in bulk are eligible to receive extra tokens, and those extending and sharing the referral link receive a referral bonus of 5%.

Etherdieum’s coin is valued at $1 in the 1st ICO phase. This value is predicted to exponentially grow up to $48 to $102 within a 6 month period.

Once the platform is launched, you will have full access to Etherdieum’s coin’s utility, a robust payment gateway, a video telephony application, a crypto exchange, and an MLM Matrix staking plan guaranteed to bring in profitable returns.

Around 50% of profits raised from Ethrdieum’s products and 25% raised from the ICO sale will be used to buy back Etherdeim coins. They will also be staked in the staking pool, increasing their value for the token holders.

You can register for the MLM plan free of cost. Only 10 Etherdieum will have to be spent to open up the first slot in both the X2 and X4 Matrix plans for continuous returns.

A steady interest is guaranteed for Etherdieum users at a rate of 1% every day for 100 days.

The Etherdieum Coin following the ERC-20 token standard has been mapped to the Matic network and is named the child Etherdieum coin. The same Etherdieum coin mapped in the Ethereum network is called the parent Etherdiuem coin. Anytime community members can switch and choose between the two coins.

The Etherdieum coin will be regularly accumulating in value. The stability of the coin value is also expected, serving as a good store-of-value and as an agreeable coin for day-to-day transactions as well.

As the entire ecosystem is completely decentralized and digital, the platform can be easily accessed from anywhere, facilitating cross border transactions.

Merchants can revamp their businesses by utilizing Etherdieum’s currency. You can accept payments from around the world, keep track of inventory and sales precisely.

The instant payment settlements and low transaction fees will work in favor of your business. You can also integrate Etherdieum’s currency for regular transactions like salaries, refunds, and other disbursements.

The funds will be effectively employed for product development, marketing, exchange listings, legal, to the reserve, business development, and other operations.

The pre-ICO sale sets off on August 25, 2021 and goes on till the 4th of October 2021, giving you ample time to invest in Etherdieum’s lucrative projects.

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